This section contains the answers to the most frequent requests made to our operators.
If you cannot find the information required in this summary, please contact our operators.

 While making the purchase through a credit card payment the browser tells me that the security certificate is expired, what happens?
Maybe the setting of hour and date of your computer is incorrect.
What can I do if the payment through "Credit card" has not been successful?
You can try again after a while, or you can contact our operators by e-mail or telephone.

 What payments do you accept?
  • We accept payments with credit card or bank transfer.
  • When do I receive the documents of the holiday?

  • After your advance payment you receive the official confirmation of your booking. Once the balance payment is made, you will receive by e-mail a form to fill with all participants data, and after that, the voucher that you must show at your arrival.
  • Will I receive detailed information to reach the destination?
  • The voucher that you will receive after the final payment contains all the information to reach the resort of your stay: address, GPS point and itinerary description numbers to call in case of need.
  • May I ask for a tour guide to reach the destination?
  • Yes, you can, if you require the service at least three days in advance. The cost is 50,00 euros.
  •  How can I book/select the option?
  • While considering the villa or apartment you prefer, it is possible to get a priority option for one or more property for 48 hours (please note that you can select not more than two options at a time). Each priority option you take has a cost of 5,00 €. If you directly wish to book a property, package or experience just fill out the form and make the payment.

  •  How can I change the booking/option?
  • If you wish to change a booking that has been already defined, there will be an additional charge of 30,00 euros for each change made, as compensation to cover the operating expenses incurred. These changes are binding for MH only within the limits in which they can be satisfied. Requests for changes must still be presented at least 4 working days before the check in.
  •  Can I change the booking/option holder?
  • The booking holder can be changed provided that the change is communicated in writing and within 4 working days before the date fixed for the check in. Marcheholiday must receive immediately a detailed communication about the personal details of the new booking holder.
  • What is the booking procedure?
  • In order to be able to see the prices, book or get a priority option on a property, package or experience, you just need to select the period, fill in the form at the right side of the page and go on following the indications.
  • How can I pay the balance if I have already paid the advance payment?
  • About 15 days before the balance is due you will receive a reminder e-mail with the bank details for the bank transfer or a link to our web bank if you wish to pay with a credit card.
  • If I decide to pay with credit card, are there any extra credit card fees?
  • No extra fee will be applied when paying by credit card. Some experiences and activites must be confirmed, what happens if I have already paid and the service is not confirmed? In this case you can decide if to change the date of the service or if to receive the refund on the money paid without penalty.