Le Lame Rosse (The Red Blades). A unique masterpiece of Mother Nature

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Venture through these natural sculptures with fascinating colors. Enter a magical world, between Le Lame Rosse and the "Fairy Chimneys"!

Type of experience: Excursion to The Red Blades
Where: Le Lame Rosse

An unexpected place. Astonishing beauty and wonder. Nature always finds a way to leave us speechless...that’s what happens when you get to Le Lame Rosse (The Red Blades).

You slowly start to see them as you go up the river gravel ... What you feel in front of these natural sculptures, slightly rose-colored, horizontally striped, cannot be described: The Red Blades must be visited.

These masterpieces of Nature underwent a process that shaped them over millennia, it allowed the formation of the strangest and most incredible forms. You could spend hours and hours having fun with your imagination! On top of the Blades you can see the "Fairy Chimneys", some pinnacles miraculously standing thanks to a base of limestone. The sensation is that of eternal change of a place constantly modifying, where nothing is the same. Climbing, running and jumping down, with the gravel guiding you gently to the valley in is soooo exciting!

Walking time: about 3 hours

Difficulty: accessible to all

Starting point: Fiastra Lake

Departure time: to be agreed

Packed lunch recommended

Guide: professional natural guide

Private tour

1 to 4 people: 130,00 €

5 to 10 people: 160,00 €

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