Freeflying with the Atmonauti


A dive into the blue sky: fly with the Atmonauti and Marcheholiday!

Type of experience: Free Fly
Where: Fano


I’m flying! These will be your words while floating in the air with the Atmonauti.

They are professionals from an extraordinary team in the Marche region (the only one in Italy) that provide the possibility to enjoy an experience that is unique in Europe!!

The Atmonauti technique has been invented by the Italian sky diver Marco Tiezzi in 1998. he found out that using the body with a particular angle of incidence in a wing shape, humans almost fly too!

Atmonauti get lifted up like birds and with their technique they obtain results similar to a flight performance.

This technique can also be applied in a tandem flight and this is the mode that will allow you to enjoy a great dive from the sky.

You will not be in vertical free fall but together with your Atmonauta you can take advantage of the air currents and soar in a real flight! The experience will last for a longer time (50% longer than free vertical fall) too!!

Seize this unique opportunity to fly in the only Atmonauti official center in Europe!

Atmonauti sky dive: 200,00 € per person

Atmonauti sky dive (with video and photos): 270,00 € per person

To make the Atmonauti tandem jump you must be at least 18 years old or, if accompanied by a parent, at least 16 years old. You must not exceed 100 kg of body weight, must not suffer from particular diseases such as epilepsy or tachycardia, and you mustn’t have scuba dived within 24 hours before the launch.

What to wear: comfortable clothes and athletic shoes.

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