Flying over the hills


With Marcheholiday you can fly aboard a balloon over the hills of the Marche and see the world from another adventurous view! Fly with us!

Type of experience: Flight with a balloon
Where: Le Marche

The Marche region offers a fantastic view to everyone that takes the right time to admire its landscapes from a window, a balcony or from the top of a hill.

Just imagine if you were able to admire it from a hot air balloon! Take this occasion and let your eyes get lost among the endless and rolling hills, countless villages, endless spaces from the mountains to the sea.

A lifetime experience to be shared with your partner for a special occasion, with the family or group of friends to live together an unforgettable experience.

If you are based in one of our wonderful villas, the take off can be arranged anywhere in Le Marche, provided the place is wide enough and free from obstacles. If you are interested only in the activity, the take off is near San Ginesio, in the charming location near the famous Sibillini Mountains.

The service can be arranged all year round (in spring or in summer the service can be organised only in the very early morning or 2 hours before sunset).

Flight time: 1 hour.

Total duration of the experience: 3 to 4 hours

The experience includes:

balloon flight with a professional pilot


breakfast with champagne and typical products

first flight “ceremony”

More details:

Wear casual clothing / sportswear (preferably with natural fibers such as cotton and wool) with boots or sneakers, entirely suited to the season.

Flying is not recommended for pregnant women and those who have undergone surgery in the six months preceding the flight. We can not fly children under eight years. Children from 8 to 12 years must be accompanied by two adults and be at least 1.20 metres tall. Everyone else can fly, provided he/she does not suffer from vertigo.

Pilots are certified ENAC (National Civil Aviation) and fly in a balloon (still the safest flying method in the world).

The crew respects the highest standards of safety - such as flying in the early morning or late afternoon (when the air is stabler), they assess the weather conditions to allow optimal flight conditions.

The flight can be cancelled for weather related reasons.


min 2 people: 450,00 € per person

3-5 people: 285,00 € per person

for groups from 6 to 17 people the quote is on request.

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