Pasta Academy


Lasagne and tagliatelle, cappelletti and ravioli, maltagliati and fettuccine: with Pasta Academy, you will learn to prepare them all by yourself.

Type of experience: Cooking class
Where: In Villa

 An original course on how to discover one of the most genuine traditions of our lands.

An entertaining lesson to become familiar with the art of fresh egg-pasta making, guided by the exceptional teachers and true experts in the subject - the housewives of Acqualagna and  the cooks of the province of Pesaro and Urbino.

Fresh-egg pasta is the most famous pasta, unrivaled for its taste, freshness, and quality.

Come to Pasta Academy and practice this art with our teachers: we will prepare pasta, cook it with its sauce and what’s more... we will enjoy dinner together!

The Marche region boosts itself as one of the regions with the best preserved culinary traditions, in terms of fresh egg-pasta making, throughout all of Italy!

Combined with the most diverse ingredients, it gives life to an infinity of local dishes, such as the exquisite ‘Tagliatelle with truffles’ of Acqualagna.

In Italian families, it is usually the grandmothers who make fresh egg pasta: they stretch it and knead it with passion, carefully preserving the secrets of their recipes, and passing them on from mother to daughter.

Curious to learn how to do it yourselves?

Learn to cook, have a fun tasting.

WHEN: lessons are held by appointment.

PARTICIPANTS: maximum 10 people per lesson.

KIDS: children can also take part in the course (minimum 6 years).

PRICE: 60€ or 70€ per person based on the chosen menu, minimum of 7 people.

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